Productivity for Procrastinators

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Productivity is often a misunderstood concept. Being productive is not necessarily about accomplishing more, but rather it’s about investing your time and attention in a more strategic way to add value to your career, life, and relationships. If you are like most people, you probably wish that you could be more productive in your life. However, one thing that you may have failed to consider is the reason and motivation that drives you to work toward accomplishing your goals.
Too often, our desires to be more productive are based on the belief that it is what is expected of us by society or because we think we are being overloaded with work and don’t feel as if we can handle the workload. You might feel a desire to be more productive to impress your coworkers and boos or even to appear as though you are busy. While these are all valid reasons for wanting to be more productive, they are all external reasons. Other external motivators for wanting to be more productive may include material things, money, or fame.



  • Introduction

  • Putting an end to Procrastinators

  • Planning and Defining your Goals

  • Creating Smart to-do lists

  • Eliminating Distractions

  • Learning to say No

  • Dividing, Prioritizing, and Delegating for Optimal Productivity

  • Developing the Right Habits

  • Improving your Time Management Skills

  • Conclusion