The Complete Guide to Business Establishment

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In practical terms, most youths, especially those who are privileged to attain some level of education, believe that the next step is to seek a paid job without any consideration for self-employment. As graduates, the usual assumption is that business involvement will diminish their dignity. Instead of seeing self-employment as an opportunity of putting into practice the knowledge acquired at school, they consider it as less fulfilling.

Many students and graduates are still living and taking decisions on the basis of faulty actualisation process. Consequently, they expect that there is a job waiting for them on graduation. Such expectations are as a result of cultural lag, which is usually maladjustment that occurs when there are changes within a socio-cultural system. In other words, there is a need to change the old ways of thinking and embrace the realities of today.

It is important to note that certificates are gradually being de-emphasised and priority is shifting to ability to perform and attain set goals irrespective of one’s field of study. Also, it is worthy of note that the current labour market environment favours multiple income generation activities by an individual as a means of survival and sustainability. Unfortunately, in the same economy, we have those who are unemployed and could not employ themselves but waiting for either government or company jobs. The question is: who will create job if everyone is a job seeker?

This is food for thought for all unemployed people to consider changing their orientation of seeing paid employment as the only basis for survival.




  • Self-employment: Alternative to Paid Employment

  •  Organizational Framework For Business Take-off

  •   Feasibility Studies/ Capital Requirement

  •  Principles Of Sustainable Business Development 

  •  Family Business


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