Domain Name, Webhosting and Webdesign

Website is one of the online tools required to showcase a company, store, NGO or an organization.
Website differs in various ways from social media platforms.

  • Website is an official platform for corporate identity.
  • Website aids the creation and management of multiple custom email accounts for staff and others.
  • Website allows for the integration of social media and other useful tools and many more.

To have a functional website requires the following:
Domain Name

A web domain is your address on the Internet, but it’s more than just a name. Your domain carries your brand, your public image, and your professional reputation. It’s the first thing people see when they visit you online – where more and more of our interactions are happening. Choosing the right domain has become more important than ever.

Each time we visit any web browser, we enter the domain names of our preferred website. In reality, the computers or any device we are using do not use the domain name that we type into our browsers. Instead, computers or any device we input our domain name use IP addresses which are simply random numbers. Since numbers are not easy to remember, a domain name is associated with the IP address to aid our remembering them. Each time we input our domain name into our browsers, the computer instead searches for the associated IP address to call out our website for us.
Anatomy of a Domain Name
To have a better understanding of the components of the domain name I will be using as the basis of analysis. A domain name is your identity on the internet, hence, it is important that you critically consider your choice of a domain name because any error committed in the course of choosing a domain name will continue to hunt you and the organization for as long as you continue to use the name. The only option is to change the name and this may have a far-reaching effect on the organization in terms of the implications of identity change, re-branding efforts and additional expenditure. A domain name needs not to be too short or too long. What is important is that it must make sense, identify the organisation, easy to pronounce and eliminate all forms of ambiguity. Before you choose a domain name, you need to consider if the name is to cover a broad range of services or focus on a specific aspect. For instance, has a narrower scope when compared with You must think of how unique you want your domain to be or how well the domain name will reflect your personal emotions, faith, or will it contain an abbreviation of some names? Is your domain name a brand or a class of its own? Will it be lost in the crowd or distinct in its own right etc. Whatever your domain name is, keep it simple and meaningful.
What is Top-Level Domain?
In the above domain name, .com extension is referred to as the top-level domain name. It shows that is a commercial outfit. .org implies organization while .net implies network entity. In the earlier time, .com, .org, and .net were the most popular top-level domains. But today, we now have all manners of other top-level domain names. For instance, there is a top-level domain name such as .xyz, .win, .party, etc. Except for some closed domains such as, and other closed domain names, there is no restriction on which domain name you can register for your organization. in order words, it could be .com, .net, .org or any other extension. It is a matter of choice and willingness to live by one’s choice.
The Mid-Level Domain
This is the aspect that deals with your actual name. In the domain example above, tintolacademy is the mid-level domain and you have the freedom to structure it the way want. However, you have to be sure that your mid-level domain reflects what you want to promote on your website.
Unique Resource Locator (URL)
URL means Uniform Resource Locator and it is a link to a resource on the Internet. A URL is divided into two main components: Protocol identifier: For instance in, the protocol identifier is https. Resource name: For the URL, the resource name is The part that shows the https:// is the protocol address. This means a hypertext transfer protocol. You will observe that it’s not the same as http://. The addition of the letter “s” denotes that the site is secure. Google will always flag the website without the “s” in red with a warning that the site is dangerous or insecure to visit. To solve the problem of insecurity requires the installation of an appropriate SSL certificate. Your site will work the same way whether www is typed along with other domain name or not and for your information, www which stands for worldwide web is getting out of fashion and with time, it may become a wide-spread practice
The Subdomain
Whatever domain we register, we have the opportunity of registering some subdomains under it free. For instance, we can have a sub-domain such as This shows that training is a separate website on its own but hosted within the We can as well have a folder which functions as sub-domain but the subpart is at the end of the entire domain name. An example of such is
Web Hosting
After you have resolved the issue of a domain name, the next thing is to determine your hosting company. This requires critical thinking; consideration of cost and variety of services being offered. Other factors to be strongly considered include disk space and customer services to handle technical issues. Click here to learn more about how to get a reliable web hosting account
Design Platform
For ease of design and robust web resources, WordPress is what I use and also recommend. This allows for the use of free and paid themes, theme builders and integration of various plugins to enhance the functionality of the website.
Join our Graphics, Photography & Webdesign Classroom
In most cases, web design ends up as an abandoned project because most clients or intending website owners fail to supply the required documents to aid easy design and configuration. The following are some of the required information and documentation:

  • Logo or Crest
  • Colour Philosophy and or Colour Preference
  • Social media account creation/login details
  • Write up on
    • About the organization
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Core Values
  • Full details on products including relevant images
  • Full details of services and relevant images
  • Portfolio of previous designs, images, etc.
  • Photographs for the gallery section
  • Contacts: Physical Address, Email, Phone Number(s), Whatsapp Number, etc

Web Designer/Developer
The Web Designer or Developer puts the available resources together for a functional website bearing in mind the appropriate WordPress theme and other relevant plugins to enhance the functionality of the website. The value of these could not be outrightly quoted as they differ from website to website. Some of the required plugins include backup and restoration in case of a mishap, security, email marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc. Some of these plugins are free, some are freemium while some are premium.

Tintol Digital Academy offers cheap and comprehensive web designs, graphics and digital marketing services covering all the points raised above in case you do not have the time for self-deployment or having issues in starting or getting the desired result. We hand over all licenses and documentation to website owners to enable them to have the freedom of subsequent maintenance of their website on their ownWe also offer practical training to equip owners of websites to handle recurrent maintenance and updates of their websites. For all your website and mobile applications, digital marketing etc call 08034710699 or chat with us on Whatsapp today for further details.

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