Guide to Career Success and Comfortable Retirement

One of the great challenges we face is the fact that we do not plan our career early in life in line with the contemporary realities, hence make costly mistakes.  Similarly, we adopt the same approach to self-employment related matters. In the end, retirement from active and post work life after several years of toiling become a nightmare despite our efforts and we soon discover that we have wasted our lives.

This book gives you the tools to overcome your career planning, fears of business failure and guide towards your  desired comfortable retirement.


Sections Covered

Practical Guide to Career Success

This section covers conceptual issues, how to prepare a "job winning application & CV, handling of job interview, career choice, planning & development emerging trends in career development, coping with Work environment etc

Complete Guide to Business Establishment

Self-employment as alternate to Paid Employment, Organizational Framework for Business Take-off, Feasibility Studies/Capital Requirement, Principles Of Sustainable Business Development, Intricacies of Family Business & Succession Planning

How to Plan a Comfortable Retirement

The Concept of Retirement, Phobia for Retirement and its implications, Action Plans for Retirement, Handling life after Retirement: Stages of retirement and Action Plans for each stage. Planning your Estate and Digital Legacy


This is a report on a comparative study of perception of retirement and action plans towards retirement by groups of retired workers and a group of workers still in active service. The findings on the perception of retirement and its implications differs significantly. This is an eye-opener and must read report.

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Author spotlight

The Author holds Bachelor of Arts in English, PGD Mass Communication, M.Sc. Social Work and Master Degree in Industrial and Labour Relations.  He is a professional University Administrator with over 16 years’ experience, having served in Bowen University for 12 years and currently a Deputy Registrar at Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, Delta State, Nigeria.  A combination of sound academic training, self-development and practical experience of over two decades in general administration, management, consultancies, information & communication technology, etc  have provided him with adequate materials for this and many other books. 

S. B. Omotoso

Readers say

Section two of the Book “Guide to Career Success & Comfortable Retirement” offers useful tips on registration, organisational set up, promotional activities and other post incorporation actions for a successful corporate take-off. I recommend the book to all as a useful guide for career, business, organisation set-up, self-improvement and so on.

Gloria Oludele, Director,
Bright Hope Foundation Africa, Lagos.

I’ve been helped immensely by reading the book over and over again. The book has been a useful compendium for the Church’s empowerment seminars and most of the principles contained in it are invaluable for a meaningful career growth and development, business establishment and retirement planning.

Rev. S. Ade Ayoola,
Philadelphia Baptist Church, Apete, Ibadan

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